Armstrong (Bare)

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Armstrong (Bare) Framed Print

Armstrong (Bare) Framed Print£30.00

Armstrong (Bare) Clan Business Card Holder

Armstrong (Bare) Clan Business Card Holder£17.00

Gold & Silver Available

Armstrong Clan Crest Emailed Graphic

Armstrong Clan Crest Emailed Graphic£16.00

Clan Armstrong of Scotland.
Arms:(of Mangerton) Argent, three pallets azure.
Crest: An arm from the shoulde proper.
Motto: Invictus Maneo (I Remain Unvanquished).

Armstrong (Bare) Print

Armstrong (Bare) Print£15.00

Armstrong (Bare) Round Mirror

Armstrong (Bare) Round Mirror£13.00

Armstrong (Bare) Key Ring

Armstrong (Bare) Key Ring£7.00

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